Frequently Asked Questions

General Multiple Listing Service For Sale By Owner


What is the single most important factor in selling my home?
Accurate pricing based upon the 3 best, most recent comparable sales nearest your home. This is what agents will use to show your home, buyers will use to make offers, and appraisers will use to appraise. You'll waste a great deal of time and emotional energy if you price above this indicated value.
What are other important factors in selling my home?
Location, condition, and accessibility. You can't change the location, therefore not a variable you can control. Condition you can improve, remove all clutter, and fix cosmetic issues while conserving cost. Accessibility is all important when selling. The harder you make it for a buyer to see your home, the longer, and longer and longer your market time.
How do I determine an accurate price?
We will be happy to supply you with a Comparable Sales Analysis free of charge upon request. But, beware of inflated values not based on facts in attempts to secure a listing. When in doubt, pay for a fee-based appraisal for $300-$450. It might seem expensive, but it will probably save you thousands in the long run, and several months, if not years in market time.
Should I get an appraisal?
Yes. It avoids having the value estimated by those having a vested interest in a higher, or too high, price. If you're a FSBO, you are attempting to save $30,000, more or less, in commissions, but you'll have to spend $1,000-$3,000 in marketing costs to do it. Having an accurate appraisal to present to non-represented, potential buyers is the best place to start your effort.

Multiple Listing Service

How long will it take for my MLS listing to be active?
Your listing will be active on the same day we receive your Listing Input Questionnaire, if received before noon.
How long will my MLS listing remain active?
As long as you need it, or until you cancel it or accept an offer.
How do I pay for my MLS listing?
You will be billed after your listing has been input, and it is as you want it. You can then pay by check through the mail.
How do I supply the information for my MLS listing?
We will email by PDF attachment a questionnaire you can complete. It will cover all aspects of your property necessary for a complete and comprehensive MLS input. We request that you return the questionnaire by scanning and emailing it back as a PDF attachment.
If I find an error in my MLS input information, or I wish to change something, will I be charged?
You can make changes to your listing information whenever you wish by submitting an email to us with the desired change. There is no charge, however, we might have a discussion about the number of changes if they become too frequent.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

If I am a FSBO, why should I list on the MLS?
As a FSBO you will be noticed by 10% of the market, therefore a much longer market time will be needed to attract the required number of buyers to generate offers. By adding your listing to the MLS, you will have 100% exposure, worldwide. You can always increase the MLS price to cover any offered commission to the buyer's broker. You will net the same money either selling as FSBO, or through the MLS. Why wait, or do one without the other, if the net results would be equal?
Why not try as a FSBO for a certain period, then use the MLS too?
If your FSBO activity does not help you obtain the desired results, you will have wasted weeks or months of market time. If an offer is presented to you through the MLS which is unacceptable, you do not have to accept it. But if an acceptable offer is submitted because of the MLS exposure, before your FSBO activity yields results, you have wasted no time. It’s the best of both worlds.
When I sell as a FSBO, will I save all the commission?

Almost always, no. Unfortunately, if the buyer knows you are not paying a 6% commission, they want to offer you 6% less than market. They want to save the same commission you want to save. If you must reduce your price even 3% to sell to an unrepresented buyer, you could have received the same net proceeds by selling through the MLS at market price when offering a 3% commission. And, again almost always, the FSBO will need to pay for some help through the process of selling and closing the escrow.

If requested, we will be happy to send you a Comparable Sales Analysis at no charge.

How many FSBOs sell their home without any agent or attorney involved?

Market statistics show 8%-10% sell as FSBO, meaning only that no commission was paid through escrow. In my 38 years experience dealing almost exclusively with over 5,000 For Sale By Owners, I’ve found it to be less than 1%. Almost every FSBO ultimately needs some kind of help. That help can be in the form of answering questions when they arise, supplying the necessary forms for offers and disclosures, handling negotiations between the parties when conflicts arise, adding the MLS listing for more exposure, or listing for the full service at 3.9% when the FSBO experience proves too exhausting.

If requested, we will be happy to send you a Comparable Sales Analysis at no charge.