This page lists the real estate services we provide to our clients throughout California. If you have any questions or would like to take advantage of one of these services, please look through our FAQ's or contact us.

Flat fee MLS listing, publication


Sell as a FSBO with enhanced exposure

Multiple Listing Service

Are you willing to cooperate with real estate agents representing a buyer? Are you willing to pay them a commission to sell your home? If yes, inform all real estate brokers you will work with them through the best medium possible. Use the Multiple Listing Service for your area. Provide the complete information about your property in the format and in the place they rely upon and use.

We will email an input questionnaire to you. One time flat fee, unlimited time, make free changes by email. The information about your home will be active on the Multiple Listing Service the same day we receive your completed input forms. We will bill you after publication. With our flat fee MLS listing service, you can continue your FSBO efforts while gaining massive amounts of exposure!

Flat fee MLS listing available to San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Internet Marketing


International exposure for the price of a newspaper ad

Publish the information about your home to all of the most frequently-accessed Real Estate websites by choosing Internet Marketing. Most buyers start their search on the internet—make certain your home is there for them to find.

Below are just some of the Real Estate internet marketing websites.

  • San Diego Union Tribune
  • Yahoo! Homes
  • Trulia
  • Zillow
  • AOL Real Estate
  • HGTV FrontDoor
  • HotPads
  • HomeFinder
  • BackPage
  • CLRSearch
  • Oodle
  • Local
  • PropBot
  • Vast
  • Lycos
  • LakeHomesUSA
  • LandWatch
  • Enormo
  • MyRealty
  • Fizber
  • eRealInvestor
  • Homes & Land
  • HomeSearch

Seller Paperwork Services

Real estate paperwork made easy

Once you have an interested real estate buyer or written offer, you will need to complete the required real estate paperwork on the proper forms required by the escrow company, the lender, and title company. You will then need to open the escrow, do all the steps necessary (in the proper order), provide and complete all the forms and disclosures required by law, and then properly close the escrow. Call us to choose the level of service you need as you need it. Pay only for what you need!

Option 1

Review of written real estate offers - analysis, explanation, and response.


For Sale By Owners are sometimes presented with offers from agents who represent the real estate buyer exclusively, even if the home is not on the Multiple Listing Service. This may also occur when you have shown your property to a party who was not at the time, or did not disclose to you that they were, or would be, represented by an real estate agent who will be asking you to pay a 3% commission to them to represent only the real estate buyer. It is a sad fact that many of these offers heavily favor the real estate buyer and would not pass the scrutiny of an experienced real estate broker who is protecting and watching out for the seller’s interests. No offer can be signed as written!

To protect your interests we will have a copy of the real estate offer to purchase (the RPA-CA) faxed or e-mailed to us. We will review it and based upon your desires and needs will recommend by phone/e-mail/fax, those changes which should be contained in a formal, written counter offer.

We will construct and then send the completed written counter offer (on the proper legal form) to you for signature and explain in writing how to complete (where to sign/initial) the original offer and counter offer. With our guidance you will then complete the documents and fax/e-mail all back to the real estate buyer’s agent for acceptance. We answer all questions and guide you every step of the way. This is easily completed within an hour from the time we receive the offer. You will not need to leave the comfort of your home or office.

There is no advance payment. You will be billed for the service. This written, binding contract is the most important aspect of the successful sale of your home.

Option 2

Complete the escrow


After the completion of Option 1, you will have an accepted offer. While the real estate buyer is still represented by their agent, we will be your real estate broker and represent you, and only you throughout the entire escrow. The buyer’s agent will be completing only the actions required by the real estate buyer and it is the wise seller who considers this agent to be in an adversarial position. They will not complete the actions and documents required of the real estate seller, nor will the escrow company. They will neither advise nor counsel you. It remains up to you or your real estate broker to complete the seller requirements necessary to close.

Accordingly, as soon as you select this option, we will open the escrow and provide all necessary documents to the escrow and title companies, help you complete the disclosures required by State and Federal law, coordinate inspections/appraisal, help you negotiate the real estate buyer requested repairs after the physical inspection. In short, we do all the things required of a real estate broker to close your escrow. Many offices are now charging the real estate seller an additional $250-750 (an “escrow coordination fee”) in addition to the 3-6% commission they already charge. The cost is one thousand five hundred dollars, with five hundred dollars due after acceptance when the transaction information has been delivered to the escrow company. The balance is due at the close of escrow.

Option 3

Paperwork: no other agent, buyer only


When you have a real estate buyer for your home not represented by a real estate agent, who will complete all the statutory buyer and seller requirements? Escrow doesn’t do it; they do only the escrow work. The real estate buyer in such a situation usually knows far less about a real estate transaction than the real estate seller, so who will lead whom? We have observed many “lost” real estate sales because neither party knew what to do next, or later, to buy real estate, sell real estate and close escrow. They didn’t have someone to complete all the necessary real estate paperwork throughout the transaction or to arrange escrow, title, pest control, physical inspection and close escrow. You have an option at a realistic price.

When you decide to utilize our real estate services, you can depend upon us to do all things necessary to close escrow. First, before any cost is incurred, we will contact the real estate buyer’s lender and obtain a copy of their “pre-approval” letter (not pre-qualification). Lenders will talk with us, a real estate broker, and disclose information, but not usually with a principal to the sale, the real estate seller.

After confirming the buyer’s qualifications, to complete all the necessary seller paperwork, documentation and disclosures, we will arrange to meet with both you and the real estate buyers at a mutually agreeable location (normally your home). At this meeting, all parties will hear the same conversation, have all questions answered, reach agreement on all points and we will complete all the required documentation necessary to open and proceed with escrow. If meeting together is not possible, we can complete this step separately or by email/fax. We will then complete everything necessary for all parties to close the escrow.

Since this service is crucial and vital to both the real estate buyer and real estate seller, this fee is often split (between the buyer and the seller). Seven hundred fifty dollars is due at the time the offer is completed, and the balance due at close of escrow.

Full Service Real Estate

Don't pay a 6% commission.

Let us handle everything

Don’t want to sell as a FSBO? We will take care of the whole process for less than our competitors. This includes commission to the selling office.

Don’t pay 5% or 6%, save 1.1% - 2.1% of the sales price of your home.

Choose 3.9% Full Service

Rebates for Buyers


We will pay you for the right to represent and work for you. We will rebate 1% of the total purchase price to you at the close of escrow, through escrow. This amount should pay most of your closing costs so you can save extra money.

Choose Rebates for Buyers

Real estate offers, buyer paperwork assistance, and seller paperwork assistance available to all of California.